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The Best Navy Blue Pea Coat Fashion Guide. Period.

Find out about the popularity of navy blue pea coats, how to wear them, and where to buy them.

Historically, pea coats have always has a signature look — essentially, double breasted with thick wool and a long embellished tail that formalized the look of gentlemen. In the 21st century, sailors and military men continue to wear the revered coats and, wear them routinely they do!

News of fashionable pea coats come as a fresh air of style to an industry that relied on sameness in coat styles. The true is that, at once upon a time parkas or even cardigans were disputably set to overtake the traditional mens wool coat.  Evidently, has it that the traditional British staples have stood the test of time and continue to be must-have essentials for anyone looking for a dahs of style. A coat that was once donned by Sailors became a classic piece of outwear that eventually came to define winter gentlemen fashion in itself.

Despite it’s popularity as a military price, the pea coat and it’s structures look cam to be common for just about anyone. It’s high quality materials, which is often used for years, became an investment for mens wardrobe.

Now, any gentleman’s whether he’s in the military or not can add the peacoat to his wardrobe and wear it regularly, regardless if he’s got plans to set a ship for sale or go on a nautical excursion.

How did the Peacoat Arise to Stardom?

Pea coats are available in a wide range of styles and colors, many of which are unique depending on the brand and aesthetic of the designer. However the rule of thumb is that it doesn’t fade, is warm, and traditionally, cam eight a high collar and lapels.

In addition to the historical aesthetic of pea oats, they were deigned with double breasted look and catered to every thing that sailer needed to in order thrive and carry out his duties at sea. 

While pea coats were originally designed for a specific purpose in history, 16th century sailors actually used a coat that was made of a heavy blue fabric, although not wool, twill.

In 1731, the British adopted the pea coat and it became popular throughout society. Although the look of peacoat have gone through several transformations throughout society, savvy designers continue to push the boundaries of pea coats as we currently know them.

Reasons to Wear a Navy Blue Peacoat

Peacoat have all of the qualities that are expected of outerwear. Oftentimes, they are double breasted, and have thick lapels.  The high quality navy blue wool lasts a long time, whether its faux or not, mainly due to the aesthetic and design of the jacket.

Navy blue pea coats have classic style that’s simply difficult to mimic and makes any casual outfit more neat. The structure of navy blue pea coats are a stark contrast from ski coats, especially with the attention that has been emphasized in it’s lapel, lining, and even pockets. Some navy blue pea coats have even become so different that the now have hoodies.

Who is the Pea Coat for?

While modern pea coats are just as wearable as the longer trench coat, even short version of the design can be worn more casual and often times are a stark change from formal attire such as suits. 

Pea coats have a place in the wardrobe of most modern men, especially with the office environment changing to become more accepting of thing such a denim jeans and other casual attire. With that said, there are various new segments of gentlemen that the pea coat is suitable for:

Men in Their 20s and 30s

While the pea coat is essentially for a gentleman of any age, modern pea coats specially, designed as they are, essentially are suitable for younger men, due to their causal nature. As  company culture has now changed, the causal nature of most navy blue pea coats, tend to favor environment that allows men to wear them regularly rathe than occasionally.

Men With a Slim Appearance

Although many peacoat are available in larger sizes, even up to 5 xl at times, the slim fit design is the clear winner for navy blue styles. It isn’t so much about how slender the person it, but rather more about how slim fi the coat is designed to be. Some people might say that double breasted blazers are reserved for certain people, this was historically true because of of the thick fabric of the design. However, modern navy blue pea coats are sophisticated and constructed in a way that the  buttons and pockets can be worn by anyone, considering that the design as accommodated for  different sizes and shapes. 

While many pea coats are cute close to the body, the silhouette and structure fo the jacket of many navy blue designs can accommodate for gentlemen of any shape, height, and size. In fact, one common trend for nam ensue pea coats is actually the oversizes pea coat, which essentially has no structure at all.  That said, most pea coats, depending on their structure and design can give a sense of masculinity and chivalry to the wearer, and look fashionable at the same time.

How to Pick The Best Navy Blue Pea Coat

Most men who shop pea coats intend on using them for years, as they are designed with high quality materials. However there are a few rules of thumb that should be adhered to, in order to get the best experience out of wearing pea coats.

Pick A Wool Blend Pea Coat

Most pea coats were comprised of thick, sometimes itchy wool. Wool blend is comfortable, and considerable more eco friendly as it uses less wool. The truth is, there are many other eco friendly materials that can be substituted for wool. In fact, it s been proven that nylon isa a great strengthener to coats and even increases the quality of look and feel of the coat.

In addition to the material looks and feel, navy blue pea coats have a deep color, so it takes a lot of wool for  it to be as staring as an ordinary pea coat. This means that it will be heavy to wear and carry. Wool blended pea coats have that fine mixture of wool and other materials that lighten the weight of the pea coat. It’s important to note that although many pea coats are not 100% wool, it does not take away from the quality of usefulness of the lining or even it’s functionality.

Focus on Fit

One common issue with wearing and trying on pea coats is the thill material of the undergarments. If you have on a thick sweater to t-shier, the be mindful of the fact that it might Mae everything a bit snug. Therefore, shopping for the right fit is essential to getting the most comfortable pea coat and owning one that you continue to wear routinely. There are some things to be on the lookout or when shopping for navy blue pea coat ( or any pea coats for that matter), which will ensure that the design and aesthetic is the perfect fit for you.:

  • Ensure that the sleeves of the coat sits right blow your wrist. You don’t wan the length to be too long, to the point where it is uncomfortable. 
  • The coat should essentially hug your body, and but at the same time provide enough wiggle room for movement
  • The shoulder  wights need to fit your accuracy, This is one of the most important aspects of fitting a pea coat, because it’s one of the main components of the pea coat’s structure and aesthetic.
  • If it is a standard sizes pea coat, it should fall below your waste
  • The coat should not have as many leases when wearing it. This can indicate that the fit is too tight or some other aspects of the cat’s alignment is ‘off’
  • The coat should be relatively easy to button up and, unbutton
Choose A Color That’s Flexible, Such as Navy Blue

It’s no secret that the navy bleu blazer is the most classic and well-receive pea coat color to buy. The navy blue pea coats is traditional, and a classic that can be worn causally and professionally. 

Shop Peacoat at

Pea Coats at offer navy bleu styles that have the right amount of fabric to keep you warm, The designs and even prices are on par with what modern pea coats should be like. Browsing through the catalog, will display some of the high-quality pieces that designers have created for the comfort of modern gentlemen.

The Best Way to Wear Pea Coats!

It’s common style habit to wear a pea coat that have a fashionable color. In some cases, people ‘pop’ their color to evoke a stylish and modern appeal to the traditional structure and color of pea coats.

Fully Buttoned-up

Peacoat traditionally had over 8 buttons. While this number has been slightly decreased most likely for convenience, and to make way for other style elements of a coat. Regardless of how many buttons are designed into your peacoat, it should  be button dup most of the time, especially while outdoors. While the bottom button can be left unbuttons for style and comfort, the entire strict and aesthetic of pea coats are designed so they they can be button up, right the collar. 

‘Pop’ or Flip Your Collar When Necessary

While flipping your collar can add new elements to the structure of the pea coat, it’s essentially useful when going for a look that’s relaxed yet ultra-modern. However flipping your collar on a Volder day might lead to undesirable outcomes, especially fi the weather gets very windy or rains.

Wear With Suits and Blazers Cautiously

 The structure and design o pea coats, while neat itself, sometimes isn’t the bets style of coat to wear with a suit. Thankfully, navy blue pea coats are flexible, and the color makes way for an outfit that is in since and can be practical. However, it’s important to be mindful of the nuances of layering with suits and pea coats.

While it may seem obvious, all in all, be certain that the peacoat is longer than your blazer, as well as a thicker and even heaver fabric than the blazer.

Navy Blue Peacoats are Flexible, and Easy to Wear

The navy blue pea coat is flexible, casual, yet still very much a neat and dressy coat to wear. It looks good with denim jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, and even  yes, suits. You can wear this essential pea coat color easily, and still be as elegant as ever, or as modern a you want!

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