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Ok…It’s Time To Talk About The Long Tan Red Peacoat

There aren’t so many long pea coats for men that hit the mark in terms of style and elegance. The beauty of some styles that have repeatedly become popular among menswear enthusiasts and fashionable gentlemen is in the sleek and even simple details of the design.

Mens long peacoat tan/red

The mens long peacoat that has a 2-tone design featuring tan and an amazingly long length, seeks to make your overall look be flattering and extremely timeless. There are a few things that make this long tan pea coat from Needpeacoat hotter than a faux fireplace you’ve bought from amazon! Among the top interesting things about the long tan pea coat for men at Needpeacoat are that it is clean and high quality, has a long column of double breasted buttons, and contrasts a neutral tan against an enticing, rebellious, bright red at the bottom of the coat.

After reading this informative piece on what is really stellar peacoat, you’ll come to admire unique fashion for men, especially when it’s designed with a minimalistic aesthetic, and yes, with real wool!

Who This Pea Coat Is For

Not every guy can be a dapper dan. Especially when he’s occupied juggling the busy intricacies of life and all that comes with it. If there only could be an outerwear that could serve as a quick way to stay stylish, only then would it be all the more effortless to have an elegant outfit everyday.

Gentlemen who want a look that is more fashionable than most of the other pieces in his wardrobe can absolutely look to an upscale piece such as the tan red pea coat to really shake up things in the style department. The guy who is on the go, and doesn’t necessarily have the time to go shopping for the newest trend every month, can rely on this essential pick up as an outright menswear ‘go to’.

Nothing says ‘wear me’ like an elegant jacket such as this when all else doesn’t work out aesthetically for the colder months.

The Man On-The-Go

The man on the go has uniqueness with style. A pea coat such as this offers exactly what he’s on the look out for, a quick, easy way to be on the top of things, while not having to question his appearance.

Designer apparel is this gentleman’s best friend because they already have the high end craftsmanship that really needs to give your look that extra kick needed so that you do not look like you just put a quick mismatched outfit together carelessly.

The ultimate truth is, that by grabbing this pea coat before going out the door during cold weather, the on-the-go guy will atleast appear as if he has put some well thought out time and planning into his style and outfit coordination.

Mens tan red peacoat

The Trendy Fashionisto

The trendy fashionable man considers himself at the top of the pedestal of all things mens style. In order to stay there and remain an influencer in his space, it’s imperative that he can embrace trends that are actually never really going to go out of style; And among them are the minimalistic style.

The tan against red design in this pea coat embodies a look that is extravagant but also truly easy to wear. Whether you are wearing plaid or striped apparel underneath, this two-tone pea coat will be an instant pick-me-up considering you can actually uphold that fashionable reputation with the right clothing underneath. This means elegant, well put together pieces that scream characteristics and personality!

The fashionable gentleman acknowledges modernism and this pea coat with all for its great features helps him make his style know-how more apparent, allowing him to easily pair it with his outfits.

The Office Gentleman

The office gentleman will most likely be wearing a suit, hence all the more reason why a peacoat, in particular a longer pea coat is necessary.

Elegant style comes in various shapes and sizes of menswear.

If there is any style of apparel that demands a long pea coat, it’s the tailored suit. That look that boasts a clean tailored suit underneath, with a duck down bubble coat just doesn’t stick.

Sophisticated and modern with a twist of savvy is the perfect description for the office driven gent who embraces modernity in style.

The Evening Socialite

Every evening there are millions of men who are sporting their newest and most trendy outfits. In the colder months, these outfits need a viable outerwear companion!

Long pea coats such as the long tan red pea coat says a lot about your style and what your intentions are. Socializing has become very reliant on appearance. Lets face it, at some level or another most societies seem to be riding on appearance, and in order to have a leg up, its imperative that you embrace apparel that is enticing and not lackluster.

Socializing during the evening demands for you to bring out all of your top pieces to shine and highlight your personality. The evening socialite is a gentleman who is essentially great at blending his natural personality with one that is outgoing and fashionable. Wearing the tan red pea coat means that the evening socialite gentlemen has yet another ‘go to’ piece in his toolbox of amazing apparel.

The Traveller

Travel season is not reserved for only the summer. Winnter travel is up, and especially among gentlemen who embrace great style. Artsy and professional gentlemen are using apparel as a deicing factor in who they negate with, so it is much more apparent that travel needs to be done with style and elegance. Leave the flip flops at home and embrace long pea coats during colder months.

Long pea coats such as the aforementioned minimalistic tan/red design looks great with both loafers or sneakers. While traveling you can absolutely make way for timelessness in style, and remaining content in your own character while donning a high quality, luxury peacoat, your confidence will certainly shine!

The truth is the travel savvy men speak the secret language of style. A long pea coat that is a modern take on minimalism and elegance is exactly what he needs to make a that move all the more comfortable.

What To Wear With This Pea Coat

The tan red long pea coat truthfully captures an extremely simple yet artistic side of fashion. Looking dapper in it is not something unheard of.

Here are a few examples of outfits that can be worn with a pea coat that’s so unique it needs it’s own style guide!

Outfit 1

  • Tan/Red Long Pea Coat
  • White button down Shirt
  • Shimple Grey chinoPants
  • White Sneakers

Outfit 2

  • Tan/Red Long PEa Coat
  • Cardigan sweater
  • Vest
  • Suit Jacket
  • Tailored Pants
  • Black Brogue Leather Loafers

Outfit 3

  • Tan/Red Long Pea Coat
  • Thick knitted sweater
  • Wool Scarf
  • Wool Fitted Trousers
  • Black Leather Chelsea Boots

Outfit 4

  • Tan/Red Long Pea Coat
  • BlackTurtleneck sweater
  • Grey Plaid Wool Trousers
  • Black Chelsea Boots

The pea coat has it’s remarkable way of making your style be more elegant that you can imagine! Modern style means pairing great outerwear with timeless clothing you love. You can essentially wear this pea coat with the clothing that you feel comfortable with. The long length of the pea coat will make your style elegant and sophisticated, regardless of which clothing choice you are wearing.

Timeless style is not a myth. Tan and Red together isn’t something excepted in a pea coat, and that may be the exact reason why this peacoat simply works. The look itself is so clean, neat, and satisfyingly awesome! Wear this confidently with your own wardrobe to get the best value out of it. After all, what’s a wool coat if it isn’t the highlight of your outfit?

The Fit

The pea coat has a sleek fit thats slim. No, you do not have to be a skinny man to pull off this look. The design itself is elongated and gives an illusion of slimness. The long length makes it more wearable and truly a ‘must have’ that any guy can wear.

Although the way the coat fits may vary depending on your jacket size, it has the tailoring and proportions of great craftsmanship.

Here we will give specifications in Centimeters (CM) and Inches (IN) for the S, M, L, and XL sizes. Please Note: The mentioned sizes are US sizing


CHEST SIZE SLEEVE LENGTH (from shoulder to wrist) COAT LENGTH WAIST (front width)
108 CM (42.5 IN)
62 CM (24.4 IN)
98 CM (38.5 IN)
47 CM (18.5 IN)


CHEST SIZE SLEEVE LENGTH (from shoulder to wrist) COAT LENGTH WAIST (front width)
112 CM (44 IN)
63 CM (24.8 IN)
100 CM (39.3 IN)
48.4 CM (19 IN)


CHEST SIZE SLEEVE LENGTH (from shoulder to wrist) COAT LENGTH WAIST (front width)
116 CM (45.6 IN)
64 CM (25.1 IN)
102 CM (40.1 IN)
49.6 CM (19.5 IN)


CHEST SIZE SLEEVE LENGTH (from shoulder to wrist) COAT LENGTH WAIST (front width)
120 CM (47.2 IN)
65 CM (25.5 IN)
104 CM (40.9 IN)
50.8 CM (20 IN)

Clean and High Quality

This clean and high quality pea coat is designed with a very neat cut. The functionality along side the aesthetic is one that most gentlemen who know style will admire. The neat appearance of this pea coat is due to the fact that the pea coat is designed with the highest skilled tailoring techniques!

The genuine wool that’s designed into this pea coat is high quality. And that’s just one of the reasons why this stylish pea coat will not only just keep you warm, but also because of the inside lining that is remarkably comfy and high quality.

The tan against red contrast sticks out, but what really makes this jacket have more of an emphasis on neat other than it’s sleek appearance , are the buttons that truly give feature and character to the jacket, features that only a traditional pea coat would entail.

Double Breasted And Well Buttoned

The double breasted buttons of this peacoat is alongside the tan and red wool fabric for a good reason. The strong black buttons give contrast to the colors of the coat, although it is minimalistic.

Double breasted peacoats have a certain design and appeal to them that makes them relevant even though the style is traditional. The long columns of double buttons in this peacoat makes it elegant and really a feature of the pea coat that gives it more character and modern poise!

The pea coat is equipped with 6 rows of high quality buttons that matches it’s long length. These buttons signify modern style in a way that isn’t often seen. The constrasting colors of the tan and bright red makes way for a coat and outfit that you can absolutely make a staple.

Contrast and Elegance

The tan and red contrast of colors makes your look elegant. The contrast of tan and red are not as common as a plain single color pea coat. This pea coat is remarkable with minimalism, while defying basic fashion with bright colors, and all the right trims in the right places. Though the garment appears simplistic and neat, there’s been a long, and highly skilled level of craftsmanship instilled into it. The contrast of tan and red is so starck that this pea coat is cool, and an absolute attention getter.

In Conclusion

The tan and red long pea coat for men is sleek with a great fit. Any gentleman who is looking for style that can be impressive and make his wardrobe more stylish and elegant will find this pickup as a must have. The tan and red colors have a stark contrast and contributes the modern look and feel of the coat.

The 6 rows of buttons against the contrasted colors adds feature and elegant style to this minimalistic pea coat. The long length of the pea coat serves to emphasize a certain professional aspect of your style.

The sizing is listed in US  standard mens. The US small size has a length of 98 cm or 38.5 inches, the US M size has a length of 100cm or 39.3 inches, the US L size has a length of 102cm or 40.1 inches, the US XL size has a length of 104cm or 40.9 inches.

The pea coat has genuine wool designed into it for warmth and comfort along side high quality lining.

The tan red mens long pea coat at is a gentleman’s ‘must have’ with all of its features and great characteristics. You’ll certainly have great style and elegance during colder months with this cool, fashionable menswear overcoat. Get this peacoat here at Needpeacoat while a special deal is still available!

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