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The Secret Is Within The Tailoring – The Slim Fit Pea Coat

Regular pea coats, with minimal detail designed into the sewing is no match for the tailored, slim fit pea coats that smart, fashionable gentlemen are increasingly embracing. The wonderful thing about pea coats are that they can be worn casually or even professionally, to the office. From the wide range of colors and fabrics available, there is no better way to get a modern look, with a pea coat, than to wear a slim fit style. Mens fashion has come a long way, with many different (sometimes wild) designs, and interesting, inspired creations, becoming norm.

However, throughout the decades, fashionable gentlemen have kept the slim fit style requirement as a centerpiece to great style. Not just any slim fit coat will due, in fact! A high quality design, double breasted, and with a cool lapel, capable of being worn as a stand collar style is essential. Contrary to popular belief, slim fit pea coats aren’t made just to be worn with jeans. The gentlemen of the fashion capitols of the world, from New York to Paris, have long embraced the flexibility in style that a slim fit pea coat allows. From sporting a slim fit pea coat with denim jeans and sneakers, to getting the look to complement an elegant suit, the slim fit pea coat is the ultimate item that will sharpen an outfit and make any gentleman more neater, and effortlessly cool.

Navy Blue Slim Fit Pea Coat For Men - NeedPeaCoat.Com
Navy Blue Slim Fit Pea Coat For Men – NeedPeaCoat.Com

On pairing pea coats with denim jeans

Denim jeans have become an all around necessity for most men. In fact, the item is some what of a requirement. Even strictly dressed, suit-and-tie businessmen have adapted the business casual look with the inclusion of comfortable, denim jeans. Slim fit pea coats can be paired excellently with blue or black denim jeans, and sport sneakers. This look isn’t just for college students, but for any gentleman who enjoys a neat, casual appearance.

On pairing pea coats with a sharp, dapper suit

Arguably, suits will always be an essential in menswear. Italian artisans have long embrace the power in great tailoring. Slim fit suits, along with slim fit pea coats, makes getting dressed very, very effortless. Style is always taken up to a more sophisticated, and modern, fashionable level with the suit and slim fit pea coat duo.

Slim fit pea coats are a stylish guy’s ‘go-to’, and not just in winter. Smart gentlemen are embracing the look in all seasons, sporting wool during fall and winter, and light cotton during spring, and even into summer. Staying flexible with pea coats will make them work for any gentleman, elegantly!

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