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Choosing Your Winter Pea Coat – Wise Hues For Men!

Choose The Right Pea Coat Style – Wear What’s Trending For Men

Since winter is a season of chilled weather, it would make all the sense that a thick, wool, high quality coat would be at least somewhere on your shopping list. Wool pea coats are not only the icing on the cake to staying in style during the colder months, but getting the right color pea coat will go on to make your look in tune with trends and prepared for the season. From double breasted, traditional, and elegant designs, to the more simple, black and navy blue styles, pea coats offer nothing but great quality for gentlemen who are clever enough to wear them! Winter 2017 calls for three key fashion rules that all men should adhere to: Patterned pea coats, forest green pea coats, and double breasted pea coats. Sticking to the smart styles are are sure to keep you not just warm, but also cleverly in style, and will surely do more than wonders for your look!

Patterned Pea Coats

Patterned pea coats are something somewhat new to most men. Traditionally, solid colored pea coats reigned, and were really the only style to think about getting when shopping for wool coats. In comes modern art, spurring new ways of designing and creative ways to implement colors and patterns into coats.  Two styles to pay attention to –  color block and plaid.

The Color Block Trend

Mens Colorblock Brown Wool Pea Coat
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The color block trend is usually one that’s popular for being on other garments, but this season, pea coats made a splash in menswear, introducing vibrant designs such as this color block pattern. Excellent designs are reigning in menswear at this point, and the color block trend is one that certainly is proof of that.

Plaid Pea Coats

A plaid pea coat is the perfect example of modern wool coats. Not necessarily conservative, but just the right amount of pattern and coloring that makes the coat more casual, but also business friendly. The beauty of plaid is that it really is a pattern that has always seemed relevant. Pea coats with plaid are nothing other than relevant, comfortable, and in style.

Mens wool plaid green blue pea coat
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Forest Green Pea Coats

It goes without saying that forest green pea coats always win! Time and time again, season after season, the one trend that is always consistent is the forest green style. The perfect hue for fall and winter, and even spring and summer chilly days, dark green is back. It seemed as if the hue started to go out of style for some time, but as men become more wise with fashion, traditional, heavy hitter colors such as forest green are dominating the fashion runways around the world. Forest green pea coats signify luxury, an elegant gentleman, and simply a really approachable and cool look for you. Australian wool, double breasted pea coats, and long pea coats of the hue are what’s in style.

The Forest Green Australian Wool Pea Coat

Australian wool has been long known among fashion insiders, to be a high quality, and long lasting fabric that quite frankly, can be relied on for warmth. The key to this superior wool, is its ability to lock in heat and make you comfy, and depending on the style, really sharp and stylish. If the coat has other features such as double breasted buttons, a trendy herringbone pattern, and other quality factors like quality lining, all the better.

Forest Green Austrlain Wool Pea Coat For Men
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The Double Breasted Forest Green Pea Coat

It is no surprise that the double breasted forest green pea coat makes the cut for this lineup, as the trend is steamy hot, and really popular to sport, especially within the last few seasons. Double breasted pea coats add an edge of professionalism and uniformity to your look and the added forest green color makes you a cool gent, ready for an elegant evening out.

Forest Green Double Breasted Mens Pea Coat
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Luxury Long Forest Green Pea Coat

In fashion, one thing that always wins is high quality. So the luxury forest green style would really be a must have, making its way into the wardrobes of men who are even just a bit fluent in fashion trends. In truth, you really do not have to be a lawyer or some sort of high leveled professional to sport a long pea coat. Overcoats rule, and forest green overcoats, will, they simple reign.

Luxury Long Mens Forest Green Pea Coat
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The Mens Double Breasted Pea Coat

Double breasted pea coats are actually the original pea coat designs. They are classy, really high quality, and shows that you are a gentleman like nothing else! Originally designed for the convenient use of the military personnel, this fashion must have style is now a staple for most men. Gone are the days of simple double breasted pea coats. Modern pea coat styles have fashionable lapels, and color block patterns and hues, making you one dapper, and “in” guy.

Navy Blue London Style Double Breasted Pea Coat

A navy blue pea coat, inspired by the traditional ,high end London craftsmanship, speaks volumes about your style, character, and values. Showing that you are more than competent, especially in cold weather, means a double breasted, particularly navy blue, pea coat.

Mens Navy Blue London Style Double Breasted Pea Coat
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The 2-Tone Color Block Wool Pea Coat

Color block pea coats, as mentioned before, are a wise pick up. Shopping this trend will make your dark color dominated wardrobe for the winter, more bright, and really vibrant. Color block looks particularly amazing when a cool blue hue is in the mix. Whether the coat is long, short, of a mid length style, getting the the right hue is paramount to the coat working in a flexible way. Bring spring and summer into the colder months of winter by wearing colors that are more lively, giving you and everyone around you a cool, and much needed jolt of excitement.

2 Tone ColorBlock Cool Blue Double Breasted Pea Coat For Men
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Pea coats in the right color, and design are important, and whether or not you shop the right style, at least sticking with one that is warm, and high quality, will make your winter worthwhile.’s Pea Coat Selection has high end classy pea coats that will keep any gentleman in tune with the fashion trends, and really prepared for the cold season. Stay elegant. cool, and warm – in most fashionable hue, of course.

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