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3 Cool Pea Coats For Men For Winter

Winter 2017 is a season in mens fashion that calls for creativity in pea coats. Of course, the classic staples such as navy blue and black pea coats will always be relevant, and hold true to their reputation of quality and basic “must haves”.

However, a new lineup of warm, luxury, and exceptionally cool mens fashion pea coats are what makes 2017 an excellent year of style. From fur pea coats, to British styled designs, men have options on coats with cool tailoring like never before! Double breasted pea coats, as usual lead the pack, and are sure to keep any gent more in tune with the runway fashion trends — after all, don’t we all want to at at least seem to know what we’re doing when it comes to fashion? Here are 3 awesome pea coats for men to get for 2017 winter, and even going into 2016

Timeless Fur Collar Mink Double Breasted Luxury Black PeaCoat at NeedPeaCoat

Mens Fur Pea Coat

Fur has consistently proven itself to be a centerpiece to menswear. it’s warm, classy, and always gets the job done! It makes all the sense that a double breasted fur pea coat would never become irrelevant. See the pea coat guide for pea coat tips! Style is timeless with a fur pea coat – a true “must have” for the modern, sophisticated guy. The Timeless Fur Collar Mink Double Breasted Luxury Black PeaCoat is available at

2017 Famous Men Fur Collar Black Pea Coat Woolen Cloth

Mens Fur Collar Coat

Retro British Style Plaid Pockets High End Coffee Tweed Pea Coat

British Style Tweed Pea Coat

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